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Arab Blues

1h 28m Comedy, Drama 2020

Available for rental: Friday, June 26, 2020 @ 6am PST→ Monday, June 29 @ 6am PST

Join our Zoom Q&A with Manele Labidi, director of Arab Blues – all the way from France. Sunday, June 28 @ Noon.

The luminous Golshifteh Farahani (Extraction, Paterson) stars as Selma, a Tunis-born psychotherapist who, having lived in Paris since age 10, has just returned to her homeland to start her practice. It is unclear why Selma decided to come back, but she is eager to make it work, despite the disbelief of her friends, and most Tunisians’ skepticism towards psychotherapy. In the aftermath of the revolution, after decades of dictatorship, demand for therapy turns out to be high and Selma’s calendar is soon full. If only she could get the health minister to sign her authorization to practice!

This sophisticated comedy full of vitality and humor is director Manele Labidi’s first feature film.

Not Rated (adult themes).

Original title: Un Divan à Tunis


A sparkling, hilarious and original comedy, which sheds an absolutely new light on a country still struggling with cultural change. An incredibly alive, fun, intelligent and hopeful film, which never bores. Manele Labidi can be absolutely proud of her work. Giulio Zoppello - Cinematographe

Via a colourful array of characters still getting their bearings post-Arab Spring, first-time writer-director Manele Labidi packs a lot of affectionate observations into compact running time. Lisa Nesselson - Screen International

Just like the classic Italian comedies, Arab Blues tells about the country. With a magnificent performance by Golshifteh Farahani. Antonello Catacchio - Elle Italia


Manele Labidi


Manele Labidi


French, Arabic




France, Tunisia