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Arthur Rambo

1h 27m Social Drama, Social Media 2021

AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL FOR 3 DAYS: Monday, June 6, 2022 @ 12:00am PDT → Wednesday, June 8 @ 11:59pm PDT

Join Le Professeur Kevin Elstob for a Zoom Discussion about the three films from the 21st SFFF Virtual Program.
MONDAY, JUNE 13 @ 6:30pm PDT:

Karim D. (Rabah Nait Oufella) is a hot young author riding high from the success of his first novel, Débarquement, about his mother’s arrival in France from Algeria. He is the media darling of the day, a perfect representative of France’s diversity and successful integration. His novel, praised for its sensitivity, is a best seller soon to be made into a movie. It looks like Karim is on top of the world and nothing can stop him… until he is revealed to be the author of old tweets, full of homophobic, misogynist, and anti-Semitic “jokes,” posted under the alias Arthur Rambo. Laurent Cantet (Heading South - SFFF 2006, The Workshop - SFFF 2018) follows our anti-hero’s downfall.

Everyone, from his new Parisian acquaintances to his old friends from the projects, his family, his fans and his publisher, is looking for answers. And Karim must come face to face with himself. Why did he write the posts? Who is the real Karim D.? A sensitive writer? Or his alter-ego, Arthur Rambo, the author of hate-filled tweets? How can the two co-exist in the same person?

Inspired by the fascinating real story of radio journalist Mehdi Meklat, Laurent Cantet’s latest film Arthur Rambo is more than a cautionary tale about cancel culture. It questions our duality without ever being judgmental, and shows how we never really know how people perceive what they read on the internet - is it hyperbolic satire or honest truth? In the process of exploring these issues, the film paints a portrait of a fragmented French society.

Not Rated (language).


Laurent Cantet’s “Arthur Rambo” Delivers Snapshot of France’s Divided Society. Elsa Keslassy - Variety

Laurent Cantet follows the sharp rise and sudden fall of a young French writer in the social media age. Jonathan Romney - Screen Daily


Laurent Cantet


Laurent Cantet


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