Fishlove (2020)

  • Comedy, Science Fiction
  • 1h 28m

Available for rental: Friday, June 26, 2020 @ 6am PST→ Monday, June 29 @ 6am PST

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In a not so distant future, fish can no longer reproduce and the last sea animal, a whale named Miranda, makes the headlines. Daniel (Gustave Kervern), a biologist in a now empty fishery, is part of a small team in charge of mating the last couple of fish in the world. Nicknamed Adam and Eve, they don’t seem very interested in each other. Meanwhile, Daniel is obsessed with becoming a father himself and tries to deal with the problem scientifically. One day he discovers on the beach a strange legged fish that could give hope to all of humanity. But what if all Daniel, and the world, needed was love?

This brand new, tender, and poetic comedy has yet to be released in theaters, so there are no reviews available.

Not rated (all audiences, brief nudity).

Original title: Poissonsexe


Olivier Babinet


Olivier Babinet


David Elkaïm