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1h 38m Comedy, Romance 2020

Available for rental: Wednesday June 24, 2020 @ 6am PST → Saturday, June 27 @ 6am PST

This film has a limit on the number of rentals we can allow. We will need to make the film unavailable to rent earlier than anticipated if we reach the limit before the end of the 3-day rental period.

Stéphane (Alain Chabat), a prominent French chef with two adult sons and an ex-wife, falls in love with Soo, a Korean woman (Bae Doona, Sense8) whom he met on Instagram. They talk about art and cherry trees about to blossom, and, despite the language, distance, and cultural barriers, Stéphane feels more connected to her than with any of the familiar people in his life. On a whim, he decides to fly to Seoul, only informing Soo of his plans when he is already on his way. When Soo doesn’t show up to greet him at the airport, he stays there, wandering around the terminal for days, meeting strangers, and waiting for Soo. Trying to reach her, he posts on Instagram, #jesuislà (#Iamhere), not realizing that he is rapidly becoming a social media sensation… Starring one of France’s most beloved comic actors, Alain Chabat.

Not Rated (adult themes).

Original title: #jesuislà


Surprising and charming. Gilles Kerdreux - Ouest France

A “Lost in Seoul” as delicate as it is endearing, carried by a masterful Alain Chabat. Thierry Cheze - Première

Alain Chabat […] carries with sincerity this bittersweet comedy on the mirages of social networks. Claire Picard - Télé Loisirs


Éric Lartigau


Éric Lartigau


Thomas Bidegain


French, Korean, English