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The ABCs of Love

1h 30m Comedy, Romance, School, Family 2021

Available for rental: Friday, May 21 @ Noon PST → Monday, May 24 @ Noon PST

Part of our 2021 French Film Friday Series.

Join our Zoom Discussion with director Noémie Saglio on Sunday, May 23 @ Noon PDT!

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Thirty-year-old Vincent (Vincent Dedienne) is a laid-back man-child who babysits animals for a living. His latest job is different – he is to take care of a nine-year-old human boy, Bart, who has just moved into the building. Overworked and single, Bart’s mom relies on Vincent for everything concerning her son, including attending the parent-teacher conference.

Bart is anxious to make friends at his new school. He is worried kids won’t like him because he doesn’t have a father, so he decides to tell people that Vincent is his dad. Initially reluctant, Vincent changes his mind after falling in love with his “son’s” attractive young teacher, Nora (the delightful Camélia Jordana, Some Like It Veiled - Audience Prize, SFFF 2018). To spend as much time with her as possible, he becomes the most devoted dad a son could hope for and, in the process, infiltrates a mysterious tribe with its own codes and language: the parents! Soon, Vincent, with his immature, spontaneous, and carefree behavior, has charmed the kids and (most of) the parents!

But if Vincent is serious about Nora, he must find a way to backtrack on the huge “tiny little lie” he’s gotten himself into, without hurting Bart, whom he has learned to love almost like a dad…

Let’s celebrate the end of this unusual school year with a sweet and funny comedy about how school opens our minds and brings us together. Cheers to all the teachers! Not Rated (all audiences).

Original title: Parents d’élèves


A lot of smiles in store! It’s fresh, light, colorful, sweet and really funny. - Femme Actuelle

A romantic comedy that happily strays off the beaten path. A fun break. - Le Soir

Truly joyful entertainment. - Femina


Noémie Saglio


Alice Girard


Marinette Lévy


Mathias Gavarry