The Dazzled (2019)

  • Drama
  • 1h 29m

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When we first meet 12-year-old Camille (fantastic newcomer Céleste Brunnquell) performing in a school circus show, she herself is a dazzling sight — hanging from ropes, high over the heads of the audience below, free from gravity. But her world, and that of her two brothers and baby sister, is soon turned upside-down when her parents (Camille Cottin - also in The Mystery of Henri Pick, streaming this year at the SFFF - and Éric Caravaca) are bedazzled by a local priest everyone calls “the Shepherd” (Jean-Pierre Darrousin in a chilling role, also in Gloria Mundi streaming this year at the SFFF) and join his flock. The family moves into the closed Catholic community, where Camille’s beloved creative outlet is suddenly called into question as her parents devotion grows increasingly fanatical.

As she becomes a young woman yearning for independence, Camille is faced with a smaller, less free world. She begins to question her own judgment and wants to believe her parents know best. But in her heart, she knows something is wrong.

Based on her own true story, The Dazzled is actress Sara Suco’s first film as a director.

Not rated (adult themes, nudity).

Original title: Les Éblouis


A disturbing look at family and fanaticism. Jordan Mintzer - Hollywood Reporter

This first film strikes with its quiet strength and its lack of Manichaeism. Le Figaro

Scripted and directed with sobriety, interpreted with finesse […], “Les Éblouis” stands out as one of the most beautiful surprises of the year for French cinema. Olivier De Bruyn - Positif


Sarah Suco


Sarah Suco


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