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1h 36m Whirlwind Comedy, Travel 2020

AVAILABLE TO WATCH IN THE U.S.: Saturday, October 24 @8am PST → Monday, October 26 @8am PST
Paired with the short film THE WIDOW SAVERINI.
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Join our Transatlantic Zoom Discussion with Méliane Marcaggi, director of The Morning After • Sunday, October 24 @ noon PST.
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The Morning After by first time female writer-director Méliane Marcaggi is the biggest all-out comedy of all the fabulous comedies in our program.

Louise (Alexandra Lamy), fed up with her cheating husband Marc (Patrick Mille) and her ungrateful teenage daughter Manon (Léa Léviant), secretly flies off to Corsica with the plane tickets that Marc had purchased for himself and his mistress. Once there, in full revenge mode, she spends a wild night with a seductive man named Florent Lucciani (Thomas Dutronc, son of famous singers Jacques Dutronc and Françoise Hardy, and composer of the film score).

The following morning, as a confused Louise tries to piece together the events of the night, she discovers the dead body of Florent in bed next to her! After a series of hilarious misunderstandings, Louise is mistaken for Florent’s longtime secret girlfriend by his proud Corsican mother Andréa (veteran actress Miou-Miou, Going Places – SFFF 2013) and forced to play along by Andréa’s other son, Anto, a police officer (Jonathan Zaccaï). Reluctantly, Louise agrees to follow her new “mother-in-law” to her beautiful but isolated village and play the grieving girlfriend. Meanwhile, back in Paris, Marc and Manon are frantic about her disappearance.

Set in stunning Corsica (nicknamed l’Île de Beauté – the Island of Beauty – for a reason), this fast-paced yet sensitive comedy joyfully plays with every Corsican cliché and delivers the laughs!

It also gives us the pleasure of a sweet encounter between two of the most popular French actresses of their generations.

Not Rated (drug and alcohol use, adult themes).

Original title: Belle Fille


A light, quirky, and very entertaining comedy. Thierry Chèze - Ouest France

Miou-Miou and Alexandra Lamy form a sparkling duo in this bold and charming comedy. Emilie Leoni - Télé Loisirs

Alexandra Lamy gets drunk and everything tumbles! Emma Raposo - Cineman