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The Mystery of Henri Pick

1h 41m Mystery, Comedy 2019

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Vacationing on the coast of Brittany with her writer boyfriend (Bastien Bouillon), a young and ambitious publishing executive, Daphné (Alice Isaaz), visits the “Library of Refused Books.” Created by a local librarian inspired by American author Richard Brautigan, it allows failed writers to leave their unpublished works for posterity. Among the many manuscripts, each one worse than the last, Daphné discovers a masterpiece signed by Henri Pick: The Last Hours of a Love Story. Pick turns out to be the late owner of the local pizzeria, who, according to his widow, had never read a book in his life nor written anything but a shopping list… When the book becomes a huge best-seller, Jean-Michel Rouche (the always brilliant Fabrice Luchini, also in Alice et le Maire, streaming this year at the SFFF), a famously stubborn literary critic, doesn’t buy into the unlikely success story. Pick’s daughter, Joséphine (Camille Cottin, Someone, Somewhere, Virtual Cinema 2020, and The Dazzled, also streaming this year at the SFFF), has her own reservations and is eager to find out the truth about her dad. Together, they decide to team up to unravel the mystery of Henri Pick.

Based on the best-selling novel by David Foenkinos (Delicacy - SFFF 2013), The Mystery of Henri Pick will leave you guessing till the end: who wrote The Last Hours of a Love Story?

Not Rated (all audiences).

Original title: Le Mystère Henri Pick


A literary whodunit (…) Leave it up to the French to craft a delectable Agatha Christie-style caper whose main characters include a famous literary critic, a deceased best-selling author, his bookworm daughter, an ambitious young publisher and an up-and-coming writer. Jordan Mintzer - The Hollywood Reporter

(This) Crisp caper is an intellectual ‘whowroteit.(…) It’s a polished package - the charms of rural Brittany are displayed particularly effectively - and the plot is satisfyingly paced. Wende Ide - Screen Daily

Perfect in this role, Fabrice Luchini leads the dance, delivering very funny scenes. Amélie Cordonnier - Femme Actuelle


Rémi Bezançon


Rémi Bezançon


Vanessa Portal