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The Test

1h 25m Comedy, Family 2021

Friday, June 3, 2022 @ 12:00am PDT → Friday, June 10 @ 11:59pm PDT

Join Le Professeur Kevin Elstob for a Zoom Discussion about the three films from the 21st SFFF Virtual Program.
MONDAY, JUNE 13 @ 6:30pm PDT:

The Castillons seem like the perfect family. The father, Laurent (singer Philippe Katerine, Sink or Swim – MiniFest 2019), is a doctor working from home. The mother, Annie (Alexandra Lamy, The Morning After - Virtual MiniFest 2020) is a happy housewife and mother, whose whole life revolves around their four endearing children: two brilliant and sensitive older sons, Max and César, and a teenage daughter, Poupi, who helps her mother take care of the youngest sibling, Antoine, still a toddler.

One day, Annie discovers a positive pregnancy test in their bathroom. Is it Juliette’s, César’s girlfriend? Poupi’s? Another woman in her husband’s life? Does Max actually have girlfriends? Whatever the answer, there is no good news… Annie thought she had everything under control but with the discovery of the test, her seemingly perfect life starts unraveling, for better and for worse.

In this charming and hysterical comedy, Alexandra Lamy, one of France’s funniest actress, portrays a mother so involved in her role that she forgets to be a woman, and refuses to accept that her kids are growing up. Her husband, the always fantastic Philippe Katerine, is also a pleasure to watch, in a more restrained role than what we are used to seeing him in.

A fun watch!

Not Rated (adult situations).

Original Title: Le Test


(a) funny, moving, enjoyable film, which tackles the fear of loneliness and the myth of the perfect parent, without ever preaching a lesson, and which features a family with which one can easily identify. Chloé Ronchin - CNews