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The Widow Saverini

19m Drama, Revenge, Folklore 2020

AVAILABLE TO WATCH IN THE U.S.: Saturday, October 24 @8am PST → Monday, October 26 @8am PST
Paired with the feature film THE MORNING AFTER.
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Bonifacio 1883, at the southern tip of Corsica. The Saverini widow (Christiane Conil in a very intense performance) is an old pious midwife who lives in an isolated house near the cliffs with her only son Antoine, a fisherman, and her dog. One night Antoine is killed by an intruder, a Sardinian bandit. Her world falls to pieces. This dark fairy tale of revenge packs a lot of emotion and intensity without a single line of dialogue.

Not Rated (some violence, blood).

Original title: La Veuve Saverini

Presented in partnership with Unifrance.


Loïc Gaillard


Loïc Gaillard


Wilfried Méance