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1h 36m Comedy, Family, Women 2023

Opening on Friday, December 15, 2023 @11:00am PST.
Available for rental till Monday, December 18 @ Noon PST.


Toni (Camille Cottin, Call My Agent!, The Mystery of Henri Pick - SFFF 2020, A Haunting in Venice) is a single mother raising five teenagers. Twenty years ago, Toni was a singer with a chart-topping song, but she turned out to be a one-hit wonder. Today, she still sings in a bar at night, without passion, because children have to be fed. Toni is happy being a caregiver but as her two eldest children are preparing to go to university, she wonders what will happen to her when all the kids have left home? At 43, can she reinvent her life?

Led by the luminous Camille Cottin, surrounded by wonderful teen actors, Toni is a feel-good comedy written and directed with brio by 24-year-old, first-time director, Nathan Ambrosioni. We can’t help but root for Toni and her family. Toni is hilarious and endearing, but it also feels so mature that it is hard to believe its director is so young. A real treat!

Not Rated (all audiences).

Original Title: Toni en famille


A family chronicle that is touching, intelligent and feminist. Juliette Hochberg - Marie Claire

A lovely film, funny and moving, about the daily life of a single mother, about the ingratitude of the kids, but also about the torrents of love that flow between them. A success. Samuel Loutaty - BIBA


Nathan Ambrosioni